Reliv Independent Distributor
25 Years of Helping People
My family started on Reliv in 1993. My wife and I got fantastic results and shared with our moms and siblings. I got great results with energy, adding 3 extra hours to my day, sinus/allergies, back discomfort, acid, sleep. Reliv has helped me maintain the same healthy weight for 25 years. My wife got great results with blood sugars and female issues. 

In 2002, we were making great part time income when we  both got laid off from corp. America, after 9/11 happened. Instead of panicking, we just switched over to doing Reliv full-time. Within 6 months, we were making a six-figure income from home with no boss and no Atlanta traffic. Reliv has given us the freedom to care for aging parents and other needs that arise. It also gave us the freedom to move from Atlanta to Temecula, CA where my wife had dreamed of living. And our income came in every month, even when we took time out for our family.
    Reliv is the greatest vehicle I have ever found to help people with their health, finances, a sense of purpose and a way to help others.  And I would love to help you to. Call or text me 951-764-4962.